Uniqueness of Tribal Koi Fish Tattoos

A special and simple tribal koi fish tattoo design for women.Tribal koi fish tattoos have turn out to be a way of giving acknowledgment to the koi fish as the koi fish with its shades and exquisiteness leave the hobbyists captivated. The individuals who have faith in symbolism and myths have a great option of colours to choose from when getting a tribal koi fish tattoo design imprinted on their body. Similar to other tattoos, the meaning represented by this tattoo is also unclear and unspecified. The locals of that area consider this tattoo as a sign of luck whereas for others it has a differing connotation. Some consider the robust nature of koi as an icon of patience whereas some believe a tattoo showing the fish reeling down as an indication of fight and suffering of the person.

Tribal koi fish tattoos are accessible in various designs for the individual. The person just has to go on to the net and find himself a tattoo according his own needs. The individual has plenty of designs for tattoos whether tribal or non-tribal available to choose from. However, as this tattoo is a life time investment, it would require a lot time and effort to find oneself a right design and to get it printed with the best quality. With all the time and effort being invested, Read more…

Symbolic Japanese Koi Fish Tattoos

Sexy girl had a brilliant koi fish tattooed on her left shoulder blade.The koi fish that is portrayed in Japanese koi fish tattoos is a popular specie of fish in Japan.  This makes the tattoo that bears the koi fish equally important brought about by these colorful species.  If you search in the library containing koi fish tattoos, you’ll find out that there are various tat designs that depict the combination of the koi fish with cherry blossoms, lotus flowers and splashing water.

In other parts of the world, this koi fish is better known as carp in which case, koi is the Japanese translation of carp.  The most appealing aspect about this fish is the vivid colors that they possess.  The Japanese have performed breeding of this popular fish into species that exude brilliant colors in the water.

You’ll be pleased to know that the symbolism of the koi fish in the Japanese koi fish tattoos is good fortune.  The meaning associated with this fish has something to do with the environment where it can be found.  Those types of koi fish that thrive in wild environment usually give a different perception compared to those that stay in the pond.

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Creative Pisces Fish Tattoos

The cute Pisces fish tattoo design for girls and women.Pisces fish tattoo are worn by people whose Zodiac sign is the Pisces or the fish. Tattooing has come much in vogue nowadays and to make a tattoo personal many people opt for a tattoo based on personal Zodiac signs. Multitudes of people around the world have started taking a keen interest in astrology nowadays. People are more interested in reading horoscopes and getting compatible spouses and even friends according to their Zodiac sign.

People who have the Pisces as their Zodiac sign are said to be gentle, kind, Read more…

Japanese Koi Fish Tattoo Sleeves

Man shows his sleeve koi fish tattoo devil design at the tattoo parlor.The popularity of the koi fish tattoos are increasing and the best one of these is a koi fish tattoo sleeve. The koi fish is not just any fish and holds a lot of significance as far as Japanese mythology is concerned. It represents symbolic identity, courage, fight against adversity and good fortune. The Japanese koi fish tattoo sleeves have gained considerable popularity lately, not only in Japan, but also in the western parts of the world where it has become one of the most widely used tattoo designs.

Size and Location

There are several reasons for the unmatchable popularity of the tattoo design with its size and location being one of the Read more…