Creative Pisces Fish Tattoos

The cute Pisces fish tattoo design for girls and women.Pisces fish tattoo are worn by people whose Zodiac sign is the Pisces or the fish. Tattooing has come much in vogue nowadays and to make a tattoo personal many people opt for a tattoo based on personal Zodiac signs. Multitudes of people around the world have started taking a keen interest in astrology nowadays. People are more interested in reading horoscopes and getting compatible spouses and even friends according to their Zodiac sign.

People who have the Pisces as their Zodiac sign are said to be gentle, kind, sensitive, compassionate and very artistic. That is why you see people with this particular sign getting a Pisces fish tattoo. People born in between 19th February – 20th March are considered to come under the Zodiac sign Pisces. This sign is considered to come under planet Neptune and is a water sign, which is feminine.

The Pisces fish tattoo with water design for men and women.

Pisces fish tattoo is often incorporated with elements from the sea like seaweed, bubbles or waves. It is a general belief that the feet are ruled by this zodiac sign that is why you see people sporting the Pisces fish tattoo on feet. Even though the Pisces fish tattoo has two fish in it but there are many variations of the design to be chosen from.

You can easily get the most common design of the Pisces fish tattoo, which are two fish in opposite directions and drawn in the form of parentheses. This is the most basic and commonly put design and very well liked too. You can add many variations to this basic design to make it unique and personalized. This design can be personalized both for males and females.

Two small Pisces fish tattoos is embedded on girl's ankle.

Another popular Pisces fish tattoo design is the yin and yang form. In this design, both the fish are connected at the mouth through thin line but swimming away. This design depicts harmony or the zodiac’s sign dual nature. As these two fish are facing the opposite direction, it can also mean that the wearer is having some uncertainty in life, or maybe the wearer has to make a difficult choice in life. The fish also symbolize the split in life, where some people want to flow with the current and some want to go against the current.

You can ink different colors for your Pisces tattoo like aquamarine, sky blue, light blue etc. that will give a dual meaning to your tattoo associating it with the element of water at the same time. you can incorporate different other patterns too like we mentioned above – the seaweed, bubbles, waves or even planet Neptune, which will give more profound and deeper meaning to the tattoo. It will also give more originality to the tattoo and produce a nice result.

Woman embedding a Pisces fish tattoo with a Pisces symbol on her neck.

A simple fish outline or a detailed design can be chosen. For a detailed design, Koi fish of Japan is very popular. This fish has an important status in the Chinese and Japanese myth.

The Pisces tattoos are not only for serious wearers who like to put some meaning in the tattoo. It is worn for fun too. Many people wear it only for the sole purpose of showing off their zodiac sign. Whatever the reason, just for aesthetics and appreciation of art or for some deeper meaning, the Pisces fish tattoo is a nice choice.

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