Japanese Koi Fish Tattoo Sleeves

Man shows his sleeve koi fish tattoo devil design at the tattoo parlor.The popularity of the koi fish tattoos are increasing and the best one of these is a koi fish tattoo sleeve. The koi fish is not just any fish and holds a lot of significance as far as Japanese mythology is concerned. It represents symbolic identity, courage, fight against adversity and good fortune. The Japanese koi fish tattoo sleeves have gained considerable popularity lately, not only in Japan, but also in the western parts of the world where it has become one of the most widely used tattoo designs.

Size and Location

There are several reasons for the unmatchable popularity of the tattoo design with its size and location being one of the most significant. The koi fish tattoo sleeve when embossed on your arm gives an extremely natural look. The rectangular shape of the fish gives enough canvas area to the artist to design any design he wants to. Also, the movements of the arms perfectly compliment the idea of the fish curving and flopping its body in water.

Before anything, it is important that you decide the size of the koi fish tattoo sleeve you desire to have on your arm. It has options like quarter, half or even full sleeve design to choose from. This would determine to actual beauty of the tattoo and hence it is essential you discuss this with the tattoo designer first and then get the tattoo designed.

The koi fish with flowers and dragonfly tattoos design sleeve for men.

Historical Symbolism

The koi fish tattoo sleeves are not just popular because of its size and shape. The koi fish carry a lot of historic symbolism in the Japanese culture and holds great significance. It depicts the traditions of the Japanese culture. The koi fish represents perseverance and struggle. The story popularly narrates the incident of the koi fish swimming up the river struggling to fight against the rushing water waves and finally making it through the Dragon Gate to become a powerful dragon. This reflects struggle and achievement and is a source of inspiration for the Japanese. That is why you would find no temple in Japan without the incorporation of the koi fish pond somewhere in the temple. Japanese use these tattoos to represent their love for the koi fish and to endorse the sheer struggle and determination they

showed to achieve what they aimed for.

Wearing white singlet man with koi fish tattoo along his sleeve working at the tattoo parlor.

Modern Symbolism

The true meaning and the essence of the koi fish tattoo sleeves essentially remain the same even today, although people have now added some new symbolic interpretations to it. The actual story behind the koi fish is about its struggle and hard work to achieve big things in life and play a significant part in the betterment of the world. This however, now goes against the trends that are currently thriving across the world. Because the tattoo has become so popular in the western world, the symbolism of the tattoo has been slightly altered. In the west, having a koi fish tattoo sleeves now represents a symbol for fortification and protection and a feeling that depicts safety and prosperity in life.

The brilliant koi fish tattoo design is embedded on man's right sleeve.

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