Koi Fish Tattoos for Women

The koi fish tattoo is pierced at woman's back and blade.Amongst those who love tattoos and tattoo art, Japanese tattoo art remains to be one of the most preferred forms of feminine and delicate designs. Koi fish tattoos for women are a type of Japanese tattoo art that best reflect its beauty, richness and elegance and is therefore increasingly being recognized by women all over the world.

Koi fish tattoos for women have a rich heritage behind them, which further add to its appeal. Legend has it that the koi fish, which in Japan represents good luck, has a very unique way of propagating its species which involves the fish swimming upstream to lay its eggs.

Further, this mythical creature is believed to continue its swim upwards till it reaches the gates of heavens where it transforms into a beautiful dragon. This story gives the koi fish a magical appeal which beautifully complements its elegant designs. Thus, getting koi fish tattoos is not only done for the sake of its attractive design but also because this unique design represents ambition, hard work, and success, independence of the mind and the body, and feminism. This art form thus represents a striking analogy to the daily struggles of human life.

Woman with Japanese black koi fish tattoo along her upper arm.

The koi fish tattoos are best known for their versatile style; since they are available in various shapes, sizes and colours. The elegant designs of the koi fish tattoos can be altered and changed to suit different needs specifically for girls and for older women. The koi fish tattoos for women are most suited to be tattooed at the ankle or the wrists. Moving on to it’s colour scheme, which holds great relevance specially for young girls, those getting it have a choice of either tattooing it’s traditional colour of golden/orange or to play around with other bright and playful colours that symbolize the strength of the koi fish. Brighter colours make the design much more classy and chick. No matter what the colour, the mysterious and magical appeal of the koi fish tattoos is bound to turn heads.

Woman shows her large koi fish tattoo at her back and a Chinese word 'Pain' tattoo at neck's back.

The way in which the koi fish tattoos for women are administered can also be varied. The design can be altered or added to, in order to enhance its beauty. An addition of a lotus flower or splashing water brings originality into the design. Furthermore, another extremely popular Japanese symbol known as the Ying Yang (which is drawn in its signature black and white colour theme) can also be used to sketch the koi fish tattoos for women.

The koi fish tattoos for women are also widely used to draw zodiac signs, more specifically the sign for Pisces. Therefore, it is easy to see that the koi fish is versatile, beautiful and one that can be tattooed on a woman’s body in various forms. The actual design to be inked depends hugely on the size of the body part where it’s drawn, but no matter what the size, the use of a koi fish design adds to the tattoo a touch of magic.

Woman's left side was covered a large orange and yellow color koi fish tattoo with lotus and blossom tattoos.

The koi fish tattoos for women could mean different things to different people; it could spell freedom for some, beauty for other, determination for some, and a desire to be the best for yet others. The point being, no matter how it is perceived, its richness merits this design the honour of being an increasingly popular tattoo art form.

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